Bookings (0478 970 420)

To request a booking please send a text message to Angela on 0478 970 420 including your dog’s name, breed and the suburb you live in. Text messages are preferred because I often am unable to answer phone calls. Your message will be answered as soon as possible within business hours. I groom Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

A flat spot to park my van is required and also access to power and water. My van is 2.6 metres high, meaning I am unable to go under low tree branches, roofs or underground carparks, and my hose and extension cord both reach 30 metres. The power needs to be plugged directly into the wall because I trip power boards. 

New Clients

I am currently only able to accommodate new clients from around the Inner South suburbs of Canberra and spots are limited. Please feel free to keep an eye on the Clipped Az Facebook page where a post will be published as soon as there are spots available for new clients.

Current Clients

To avoid missing out on future appointments, organising a regular 6-8 weekly schedule is recommended.  For large double coated breeds 4 weeks between appointments is best to keep their coat in good condition. Future appointments can be easily arranged with Angela after your grooming appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations arise out of our control, but providing a minimum of 48 hours notice when requesting to change or cancel any appointments is appreciated. This allows us enough time to fill your spot and find you another appointment.